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Specialising in custom tattoos in every style, size, shape and colour, Star Angels is one of the friendliest, cleanest and best tattoo studios in Bali.

Our award winning artists excel in different specialties and produce supreme quality work, whilst our staff ensure you relax in comfort in our studio, keeping it clean and professional at all times.

Under new management as of 2015, we strive to surpass negative perceptions of the Bali tattoo industry and prove that through our love of art and dedication to hard work, we can achieve amazing results time and time again.


Very good tattoo artist and top hygiene. I would recommend Star Angels to anyone who would like a tattoo in Bali!!

Julie – Cancun, Mexico

You guys did an amazing job, looks better than I imagined! Will be back again real soon. Thanks so much! x

Beatrice – QLD, Australia


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What if my tattoo swells up or looks infected?

Your tattoo may swell, become sticky or itchy. It may flake and scab all throughout the healing process. These are all usual for the body to shed dead skin. If you notice that your tattoo is infected, please contact us. Your tattoo can be sterilised with alcohol, Dettol or a light disinfectant. Do not use bleach or petroleum products that will irritate your skin.

What do I do before and after showering?

Use a thin layer of aftercare treatment before a shower and after a shower. Try to keep your tattoo as dry as possible before using treatments. Lightly pat dry, do not rub.

What if my tattoo is itchy?

Never pick or scratch at a healing tattoo. Even loose scabs will contain ink in them that if pulled from the area, will affect the healing process. Do not eat scabs and most certainly do not feed them to your child or pet 😉

When can I remove the plastic wrap?

Leave on your plastic wrap until you get back to your hotel, then you can remove it and gently wash the area with water only – no soap. Tap water or bottled water is fine, but no pool water or salt water.

Where do I give my feedback?

Please do not forget to like, share and review our Facebook page, we love seeing customer reviews to share with our artists. We can only do what we do because of your support, so if you loved our work and studio, just tell your friends and family to book in and we’ll look after them just as great as we did for you!

What if my tattoo needs a touch up?

If you feel your tattoo needs a touch up, please send us pictures of it once completely healed in natural and flash lighting and you may be eligible for a free touch up when you are next in Bali.

What clothing should I wear?

If you have a long flight home, please do not use compression or tight clothing over your tattoo as the skin needs to breathe. You’re best to wear loose comfortable clothing.

Should I sleep on a towel?

If you are continuing your stay in Bali, please remember to sleep on top of a towel or sarong to avoid your tattoo sticking to hotel sheets.

When can I swim, sunbake or exercise?

Do not swim in a hot tub, pool or at the beach for 2 weeks. Do not use a sauna and avoid direct exposure to the sun. Light exercise is ok, however sweat may dirty the tattoo and prolong healing.

Should I let anyone or anything touch my tattoo?

Do not let other people touch your tattoo whilst healing. Avoid body washes, lotions, soaps or shampoos with fragrance that may irritate the tattoo.

Should I use sunscreen on my tattoo?

After healing, you should always wear sunscreen over your tattoo to avoid fading, but do not use sunscreen whilst the tattoo is still healing.

What aftercare treatment should I use?

After 2-3 days, please start using a tattoo aftercare treatment. We sell a specialised formula in store if you would like some, however you can also ask at your local chemist or supermarket for tattoo aftercare products (most large supermarkets stock tattoo care products in men’s personal hygiene sections). Natural products such as pawpaw ointment, beeswax ointments, organic coconut balms, hemp or calendula balms are safe and recommended for use.

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